An interdisciplinary performance where a young woman is living in a world where unconditional love lies in a coma. She finds herself in need of new hopes and dreams. Can the ego, self-love, be enough for a human being?

A 15 minute visual and musical dialogue between Isi and rap/pop-culture. A mixture of virtual characters, rhymes, synthesisers and beats that sound oddly familiar. Prepare to be emancipated, independent and ready to twerk.





Language: Dutch / English 


Concept                        Cassandra Onck

Music                          Florian Knapp & Cassandra Onck

Interaction design             Merel Raven

Isi.                           Isabelle Gersie

NICKI.                         Sjaid Foncé

Voice NICKI.                   Cassandra Onck

Recording                      #Hekje

Poster                         Kaulane Huisman

With text and soundsamples from: Nicki Minaj, Iggy Azalea, RUMAG, Jayy Sonata, Stromae

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