Am I Dead Yet?


Back in the days when we all thought the earth was flat, our world ended at the end of the horizon. Nowadays we have digital horizons that seem to stretch even further than our imagination. What and where is ‘our world’ nowadays? And what is my position within it? If there happens something, let’s say a terrorist attack, in Paris, New York, Baghdad or Brussels, what is my position towards it? It feels as if I am there. Am I there? No. I am here. I like to dance. Do you like to dance?

This performance is an experiment for PLAY WITH THE A$$MPTNS. A research project by Cassandra Onck that focusses on emancipated spectatorship within music theatre and the possibilities of creating work that invites spectators to be emancipated.


Concept and music: Cassandra Onck

Performance: Isabelle Gersie / Cassandra Onck

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